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What is Water Transfer Printing?  


 A surface decoration process that allows nearly any paintable surface to be decorated with detailed graphic design. Water Transfer Printing often refered to as Hydro Dipping is currently used by major manufacturers around the world  by industries such as firearms, automotive, aerospace, marine, and military. There are hundreds of water transfer printing patterns available, offering  a wide array of camouflages, wood grains, carbon fibers, stone, marble, brushed metals, and abstracts.


Hydro-Dip specializes in servicing the needs of major manufacturers around the world. Additionally, Hydro-Dip cares for single item customers and is a leader in custom luxury paint and abstract decorative coatings on just about everything imaginable. Hydro-Dip has taken the water transfer printing process to new levels. Our application engineers and master decorators are among best in the industry


Luxury yachats, military, custom and commercial aircraft interior, major firearm manufacturers,  custom bikes, one-off rifles, pre-production prototyping are among some of the tasks we perform on a daily basis.







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